If your family has a story to tell, I’m your girl.  

Let me and my camera capture the magic of your family 

From your portrait planning session, choosing your location, picking outfits for your family, to your portrait reveal session and ordering appointment, I am here to help guide you every step of the way. I take the stress out of the planning so you can relax and enjoy your session, while I create stunning original family portraits that you will love for years to come!

imagine your perfect family portrait session.

don't sweat the details

what would that look like to you?

You should know that I wasn't always a photographer. I used to have a pretty great career as a government contractor. It wasn't until I met my now wonderful husband Josh that the trajectory of my life catapulted to the stratosphere of where I am today! My husband’s Navy career had us moved from my home in Northern Va to Northeastern Fl. Before moving, Josh gave me a fancy digital camera and I made a promise to myself to learn it inside out. I wasn't able to take my career with me, so I became a stay-at-home mom. It was there that I was really able to start finding myself.

(helloooo cheesy austin powers reference)

Allow myself to introduce, myself…

You see, I’m what I like to call a creative engineering type. I’m a bit of a nerd, but I’m also quite artsy. I think it’s what keeps continuously drawing me to photography. It gives me the freedom to express my artistic side all the while using my love for math when I do it! I’ve been a hobbyist photographer most of my life. I always had one of those old disposable cameras to take pictures of whatever adventure I was on. Back in college I enjoyed learning how to develop negatives in the darkroom. I still have that old film camera too! I spent years learning my craft, for me, and to take pictures of my kids and our family adventures. It naturally evolved into a passion and expanded into photographing our friends and their families. I’ve been working as a professional now for over 5 years and I can’t wait to create something meaningful with you!

I'm Meredith

You never know what kind of inappropriate jokes might be overheard at our dinner table, or where that smell came from!! However, I wouldn’t change any of it. I’ve always been the only girl. I grew up with three brothers. My family is meant to be as it is and I absolutely love it! We crack jokes at every corner, travel as often as possible and want to freeze every moment of our kids lives. I really wish they could just both stay kids forever.

Being a Navy family, we face the reality of Josh having to go to sea for months on end. Coupled with Liam getting closer to graduating high school in the not so distant future, we make a point to appreciate each other and the moments that will quickly become memories.

As the lone female in my all boy family, life is never boring.

Yes, show me more!

ready to Make Magic Together

I can’t wait to serve your family, and welcome you to mine. I look the families I work with, not as clients, but as friends and an extension of my own family. I’m on a mission to get your family stories, whether it’s your most meaningful, your funniest, or just most memorable one. Every family has their story, and I can’t wait to know yours. Your story is important in your family history, and you are writing it every day.  

and welcome you to mine.

I can’t wait to serve your family

what past clients had to say:

“If you are on the fence about hiring a photographer, I highly recommend working with Meredith. She was flexible and relaxed. She worked well with my kiddos and didn’t mind getting dirty!”  ~  A.B. Family Portrait Session