Top 5 Tips for Photography with Christmas Trees

Christmas is nearly here!  Soon all of the decorations will be up. Christmas music will be played on every station, and the spirit of Christmas will be in the air!   Today I’ve put together my top tips for taking Christmas pictures in front of the tree.  I hope these will help you get some great pictures of your family this holiday season.

Plan to take your Christmas pictures in the late afternoon, but before dusk, so you get ambient light.  

By allowing natural light into the room your camera will be able to take pictures faster.  This will help you avoid blurry Christmas pictures!

Get down to your kids eye level for their Christmas pictures

If your children are sitting on the ground, get down to their level.  You may or may not get the whole Christmas tree in the shot.  That’s ok. By getting on the same plane as them, you will see them as they are at this stage in their life.

Place your kids 2-3 feet in front of the tree

By strategically placing your kids or family members out in front of the tree, you create a necessary separation of foreground and background.  This separation will allow your camera to give you the colorful light orbs in the background.

Have your children face in the direction the largest light source in the room.

By putting more light on their faces, you will be able to see more of the detail on their face without having to use your cameras flash.  Thereby allowing the picture to still have a moody Christmasy feel to it while not losing their face in shadows

Lastly, Do not wrap your babies up in Christmas lights.

This is more advice than a tip.  Please don’t do it. Over the years, I have seen so many pictures with babies putting these lights in their mouths.  It is so dangerous.  These are delicate glass bulbs that are connected with wires and plugged into a wall.  It’s an unnecessary risk to your child.

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